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September 26, 2023 Julia Mackay 0

GeologicAI: Rock analytics for modern mining. GeologicAI streamlines the core logging process so that geologists can spend time on what they do best: analyze results. once samples are placed in the scanner, our AI robots identify vital information. Job Posting: Manager – Business Intelligence, Software Developer

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Willowglen Systems

August 22, 2023 Riza Galang 0

Willowglen Systems delivers industrial automation solutions. Open Position: Software Developer, Senior Software Developer

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The Rubic

August 8, 2023 Riza Galang 0

The Rubic is a robotics and automation company serving the supply chain industry. Open Position: Junior Supply Chain Specialist, Embedded Software Engineer / Electrical Engineer

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Petrospec Engineering

June 19, 2023 Riza Galang 0

Petrospec Engineering is an oilfield services and technology provider focused on improving efficiencies and safety in producing oil and gas resources worldwide. Open Position: Software Product Engineer

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Confined Space Robotics

January 1, 2023 Administrator 0

Confined Space Robotics: We are in the business of robotic solutions, we offer a technology that changes the industry approach to blasting and coating projects.  But we also believe we are in the safety business as well. It’s time for the confined space industry to change, and we believe this […]

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mCloud Technologies

September 1, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

mCloud Technologies delivers high quality electrical, instrumentation, automation and information system services to our process industry customers.  Job Posting: Control Systems Engineer/Technologist

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InUnison Technologies

April 1, 2022 Administrator 0

InUnison wanted a solution that could allow InUnison staff to drive the health, safety and environment (HSE) culture and guide the company to all HSE opportunities. InUnison provided the ideal platform to realize our vision. Job Opening: Backend/Full Stack Developer

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Subnet Solutions

December 1, 2021 Administrator 0

SUBNET‘s Unified Grid Intelligence Solution provides utilities with true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability. Open Job: Software Developer – Device Management

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November 1, 2021 Administrator 0

Dycor serves industrial clients in data acquisition, monitoring and control. Products include dataTaker and SmartVue, a sunlight-readable touchscreen display, measurement and PID controller. Open Jobs: Software Developer

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Wave Control Systems LTD

November 1, 2021 Administrator 0

Wave Control provides custom engineering and fabrication for fluid handling, chemical injection, metering, monitoring, mixing, and automation systems. Open Jobs: Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineer/Technologist