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September 13, 2023 Riza Galang 0

Attabotics provides an intelligent cube storage solution to meet the fulfillment needs of modern customers and modern commerce. Open Position: QA Automation Developer, Test Engineer – Robotics

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Confined Space Robotics

January 1, 2023 Administrator 0

Confined Space Robotics: We are in the business of robotic solutions, we offer a technology that changes the industry approach to blasting and coating projects.  But we also believe we are in the safety business as well. It’s time for the confined space industry to change, and we believe this […]

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Copperstone Technologies

April 1, 2022 Administrator 0

Copperstone Technologies offer amphibious HELIX robots to collect samples from mine tailings, marshland, snow, and ice covered terrain. Job Opening: Field Geotechnical Engineer

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Radical Robots Corp

November 1, 2021 Administrator 0

Radical Robotics designs software and robotic tools to streamline the industrial tank cleaning process. Open Jobs: Full Stack Developer

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Trusted Positioning Inc.

April 1, 2021 Administrator 0

Trusted Positioning Inc. have been working on integrated positioning solutions for decades and have deployed software positioning solutions in over 50 million systems worldwide. Their team is highly published, patented and internationally recognized for their past research and achievements in the field of inertial navigation and sensor fusion. Posting (Calgary)QA […]

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BP Automation

January 1, 2021 Administrator 0

BP Automation Marketspace: Manufacturing. BP Automation is a leading manufacturing solution provider with a globally acknowledged reputation of expertise in custom machines and engineered solutions. Our work is to transform highly complex industrial manufacturing problems into highly productive automation systems tailored to the needs of individual clients.Posting (Edmonton)Electrical Engineer