EU-Canada Tech Business Day – May 27, 2021

April 19, 2021 Diana Feng 0

EU-Canada trade, investment and partnership opportunities and challenges in the agri-tech, clean-tech and med-tech sectors will be in focus. EUCCAN will welcome public and private officials from both Europe and Canada for panel discussions dedicated to each sector. This event will also give European and Canadian companies in the three sectors, the […]

Edmonton nanotech to provide better, more reliable COVID testing

April 16, 2021 Fatema 0

Applied Quantum Materials (AQM), a local nanotechnology firm has reached an agreement with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide nucleic acid extraction kits for use in the province’s COVID-19 testing program. AQM is a world leader in the research, development and synthesis of nanoparticles for a broad range of applications […]

PainWorth, The World’s #1 Personal Injury Tool, acquires California Legal-Tech Startup ProSe Claims

April 16, 2021 Diana Feng 0

PainWorth—one of 15 winners at the 2021 American Bar Association TechShow—announced today the acquisition of California-based legal-tech company ProSe Claims. PainWorth has already been turning heads by revolutionizing the claims process for claimants, insurance companies, and lawyers. The free-to-use PainWorth app makes it possible for injury claimants to easily find out—on their […]

Entos Pharmaceuticals Partners with Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to Manufacture and Ready its COVID-19 DNA Vaccine for Clinical Trials

March 26, 2021 Fatema 0

Entos Pharmaceuticals (Entos), a biotechnology company developing genetic medicines with its Fusogenix nucleic acid delivery platform, is excited to work with Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing and The Ottawa Hospital’s Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Centre to manufacture and ready doses of Entos’ made-in-Canada Covigenix VAX-001 vaccine for upcoming clinical trials at the Canadian […]

Major investment from Shell helps U of A biofuel spinoff company build commercial-scale production plant

March 26, 2021 Fatema 0

Forge Hydrocarbons, a University of Alberta spinoff company producing renewable gasoline and diesel, has received a major investment from Shell Ventures to help build a $30-million, industrial-scale production plant. Forge uses technology developed by U of A scientist David Bressler that converts waste fats and oils into hydrocarbons used to produce biofuels. The […]

Lightcatch: Community Alerts in Real Time

December 22, 2020 Administrator 0

If you live in rural Alberta, chances are you’re concerned about the break-ins and suspicious activity that many communities have experienced. You and your neighbours may also try to keep one another up to date so that you are aware of what is happening in your community. Lightcatch is a […]

Onlea: Making Online Learning Accessible

December 18, 2020 Administrator 0

What makes an online course engaging? That is the question that Edmonton-based educational production house Onlea is always asking. As anyone who has updated their learning in 2020 will tell you, a course can’t just be a PDF or a test, or someone lecturing online for hours on end. To […]

Braintoy: AI for Everyone

October 29, 2020 Administrator 0

Did you know that even data scientists can get frustrated by the complexity of creating and deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning? AI and ML have a reputation for being a black box, which is a problem for businesses looking at implementing AI, for software companies creating solutions with AI […]

Stash: Made in Alberta Password Management

October 28, 2020 Administrator 0

When was the last time you hit “Forgot my password” when you tried to log in to one of your accounts? I can think of at least once this week for a site that I don’t visit very often. And if I’m honest, chances are that the next time I […]

Protecting jobs in the construction industry

October 22, 2020 Administrator 0

Proposed changes to the Builders’ Lien Act are the first in almost 20 years and address long-standing concerns within the construction industry, including payment timelines, lien periods and adjudication. “We are answering calls and addressing concerns from the construction industry to protect jobs by ensuring everyone throughout the supply chain […]

Growing Alberta’s venture capital industry

October 20, 2020 Administrator 0

The Accelerate Fund provides money to Alberta’s early-stage tech startups and entrepreneurs, matching dollars already raised through angel investing, to assist with the operational and administrative costs of launching a new business. “Investing in technology and innovation is a key component of our recovery plan. The investment today was made […]

Introducing EnsureworX: VizworX launches new breakout company

October 2, 2020 Administrator 0

VizworX is excited to announce the launch of EnsureworX, a breakout company focused on the sales of their latest product, Panoptica.  Panoptica is an innovative 3D model review solution that leverages mixed reality. Available on the Microsoft Hololens, iPad Pro, virtual reality, and most web browsers, Panoptica is a cross-device […]