TIER funds leading-edge tech in Lacombe

October 16, 2020 Administrator 0

his funding is part of the province’s commitment of $750 million for job-creating emissions reduction programs through the TIER fund, which will directly support almost 9,000 jobs when matching investments are included, and inject $1.9 billion into Alberta’s economy. Alberta’s government will provide $10 million from the TIER fund through […]

Investing in research at Lethbridge College

October 15, 2020 Administrator 0

Alberta’s government is increasing research capacity by supporting the transition of the Alberta Irrigation Technology Centre (AITC) and the Brooks Greenhouse to Lethbridge College. Details are currently being finalized for a $2-million agreement that will see the college manage the 200 acres and three pivots at the AITC. In addition, […]

More STEAM opportunities for students

October 14, 2020 Administrator 0

More high school students will have a hands-on summer experience solving world problems with science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). Alberta’s government is partnering with Shad Canada to create more opportunities for Grades 10 and 11 students to take part in a STEAM and entrepreneurship summer program. Through a […]

Work Nicer – One of your outposts in downtown Edmonton

May 6, 2019 Administrator 0

With the goal to build a bridge between Calgary and Edmonton, Work Nicer is excited to announce Work Nicer Beaver House! It’s exciting to connect Alberta’s resources, entrepreneurs, great ideas and businesses while to be supporting an already vibrant entrepreneur community in the city of Edmonton. [Read more]

Using big data to make big decisions

April 9, 2019 Administrator 0

Amii is pleased to welcome two additional Canada CIFAR AI Chairs to their family of world-leading researchers in Canada. The data we collect today – both in the physical and digital world – is vast, and growing exponentially. What can we do with such information? [Read more]