Product Demonstration Program

July 20, 2021 Diana Feng 0

Please note: Product Demonstration Program version 2.0 is currently underway, and is closed for new applications. Product Demonstration Program version 3.0 is launching in the fall with Expressions of Interest applications opening September 7, 2021.  Accelerating innovations to commercialization  The Product Demonstration Program is designed to de-risk the commercialization process […]

AI talent in western Canada grows

June 25, 2021 Diana Feng 0

Five new exceptional AI researchers are joining Canada’s thriving AI ecosystem. Appointed through the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, the Canada CIFAR AI Chairs are all affiliated with Amii, based in Edmonton, one of the world’s preeminent centres of AI, and will take up faculty positions at the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia (UBC). […]

AI innovator Richard Sutton named to Royal Society

May 13, 2021 Diana Feng 0

Rich Sutton, a University of Alberta computing science professor, a fellow and Canada CIFAR AI Chair at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), and one of the founders of modern computational reinforcement learning, has been elected as a fellow of the venerable Royal Society, the world’s oldest national scientific institution. Sutton, who joined […]


May 7, 2021 Diana Feng 0

NSERC and Mitacs are pleased to build on the success of their existing partnership with a new joint initiative that will support the R&D efforts of Canadian university researchers and their partners, while supporting highly qualified personnel including students and/or postdoctoral fellows.Through NSERC’s Alliance grants and Mitacs’s Accelerate, this new […]

Water infrastructure projects support jobs, economy

October 27, 2020 Administrator 0

Together, the governments of Canada and Alberta, with the support of municipalities or other community organizations, will provide more than $107.5 million to complete eight infrastructure projects in northern and southern Alberta as approved through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). “Investing in essential services like drinking water treatment […]

Supporting innovative research at UCalgary

October 23, 2020 Administrator 0

The University of Calgary has received $11.8 million in funding this year, supporting leading-edge research that will help establish Alberta as a national and international hub for quantum computing and related spinoff industries. This work will position Alberta as a leader in solving global health challenges and advancing technologies for […]

Investing in innovation at the U of A

October 22, 2020 Administrator 0

The University of Alberta is receiving almost $6.3 million, which will help fund leading-edge research in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), health science, seniors care, and uses of advanced laser technology. Positioning Alberta as a world leader in advanced AI technologies, $4.5 million of the funding from the province’s Major […]

Laying the groundwork for geothermal development

October 22, 2020 Administrator 0

Alberta is uniquely positioned to attract investment in this emerging industry because of its geothermal resources, leadership in drilling technology and extensive oil and gas expertise. However, development has been limited as, without a specific regulatory framework, geothermal project applications have been assessed on a case-by-case basis, which is inefficient […]

Supporting Alberta’s economic recovery in the legislature

October 21, 2020 Administrator 0

In late September, Government House Leader Jason Nixon asked Speaker Nathan Cooper to recall MLAs to the chamber a week earlier than initially planned in order to debate an ambitious suite of bills. “Alberta’s legislature passed more bills than any other, including the federal Parliament, over the course of the […]

Working together to boost Alberta’s recovery

October 21, 2020 Administrator 0

Supports to energy companies will include an exemption from property taxes for three years when drilling new wells and building new pipelines. The government will also eliminate the Well Drilling Equipment Tax province-wide for new drills. Additionally, the government will lower assessments for less productive oil and gas wells while […]

Launch of farmer-led research in Alberta

October 20, 2020 Administrator 0

The $37-million annual agreement will see the organization prioritize agriculture research projects that reflect the needs of farmers and ranchers in Alberta. RDAR has also finalized its initial research priorities and will release a targeted call for proposals. “Alberta’s farmers and ranchers told us that they wanted to direct research […]

Alberta’s barley program moving to Olds College

October 18, 2020 Administrator 0

An initial $10.5-million grant over three years will fund the program at Olds College. The college will take ownership of the program, providing it the capacity to support more world-leading research. “Olds has long been the centre of agriculture research innovation, so it was a natural fit. From practical on-farm […]

Expanding research at the University of Lethbridge

October 17, 2020 Administrator 0

In July, Alberta’s government and the University of Lethbridge signed a $1.8-million agreement, which saw three programs transferred to the university and provided it with the financial capacity to recruit three researchers. The research programs that now reside with the University of Lethbridge are: Apiculture and pollination Specialty crops and […]