President’s Note – March 14th

March 24, 2023 Pratham Arora 0

As we Spring Forward this weekend, the Alberta Tech sector has even more to look forward to than the up-coming warmer spring weather, including information provided in this newsletter on: Funding Programs; Upcoming Conferences; Community Events. As many of you have seen via Linked-in – Alberta Innovates is at the famous SXSW (South by […]

President’s Note – February Week 4

February 25, 2023 Pratham Arora 0

 Growing our Tech Sector by being a Province of Collaborative Early Adopters This was a good week for Alberta’s Innovation Eco-system – as not only was there an important high-tech Drone Conference held in Medicine Hat, sponsored by Alberta Innovates but it was held with Pan-Alberta viewing parties via live-stream. Alberta is a Canadian leader in […]

President’s Note

February 25, 2023 Julia Mackay 0

2023 – Full-Speed Ahead! Our January in-person Tech Entrepreneur-led Innovation Community event co-hosted with RUNWITHIT is already sold-out, Jobs Programs are becoming fully-subscribed – WOW, Alberta’s tech sector is already operating on all cylinders for 2023! Thank you to Taproot for the great co-hosting experience, the 10 Alberta Tech CEO’s who kindly met with (and inspired the) […]

Message from the Board – November 2022

November 18, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

President’s Note  Congratulations to the ASTech Award-winners and Finalists!.. and Thank you all for making some Great Memories! It was Technology Alberta’s honor to present the 33rd Annual ASTech Awards – with the support of many, many community partners and champions. Thank you all! With all the many months worth of effort that were […]

Message from the Board – October 2022

November 18, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

Why It Matters – and What’s Next! The ASTech Awards have inspired the next generation of innovation in Alberta for 32 years – and Technology Alberta is rallying Alberta’s innovation champions to continue this fine tradition for the next 32, and beyond!  Join us in Edmonton on Friday November 4 – […]

Message from the Board – September 2022

October 14, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

President’s Note  The importance of community, the importance of celebration – and the beauty of it all coming together! So in all of my excitement of announcing the upcoming 33rd Annual ASTech Awards – which many of us have attended many, many times – I have not given an ASTech 101 Primer. (Note: for a full […]

Message from the Board – August 2022

October 14, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

Project Manager Message on ASTech Awards  Hello everyone, As I am sure you all will know by now – Technology Alberta is presenting the 33rd Annual ASTech Awards on November 4. I have just joined the team as a Project Manager – and have been excited to see the outstanding interest, through our […]

Message from the Board – July 2022

August 10, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

July 21 2022 – Tech and the Changing Landscape of Alberta From cities to the country, Alberta is embracing tech. This is definitely an exciting time for Alberta – and Alberta’s tech sector!! The city landscapes are actively changing, stemming from the exciting TELUS announcement to Calgary’s new Platform facility, to Edmonton’s […]

Message from the Board – June 2022

June 16, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

Every week we feature a voice from the Technology Alberta team! In this week’s Newsbyte, Technology Alberta Board Member and Business and Professional Development Programs Lead Debra Grieg, B.Comp Sci, MBA offers advice on how to have a successful job interview. “We would all like to land our dream job, […]

Note from the President – May 2022

June 16, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

Week of May 18 2022 – An Alberta-wide Tech Sandwich This week’s ABTEC4000 companies-feature brings us midway through our month-long listing of growing Alberta tech companies, half from Calgary and half from Edmonton – and of course all are actively hiring. (Note: see Technology Alberta’s New Company Directory for the 400 hiring companies that have been featured this year) On the Event side: During […]

Note from the President – April 2022

June 16, 2022 Julia Mackay 0

Special Edition – Focus on Jobs Due to popular demand – Technology Alberta is VERY PLEASED to present – this FOCUS ON JOBS Special Edition of our Newsletter. Alberta’s tech sector is growing so quickly – almost every tech company is hiring right now! So anyone who is wanting to launch their career – and be part […]

Note from the President – March 2022

March 1, 2022 Diana Feng 0

COVID Learnings on Effective Community-Building  I was in a recent weekly Alberta-wide innovation community session, where the group was asked “What is your most impactful experience from the last 2 years of weekly meetings.” While the group discussed many options – including many outstanding speakers, entrepreneurs, and interesting topics – […]

Note from the President – February 2022

February 19, 2022 Diana Feng 0

Hiring – and How to Attract Young Graduates to your Alberta Tech Company We do live in interesting times. Last year – in the midst of the economic challenges brought on by COVID – one of the greater workforce issues was experienced by young graduates, who weathered a tougher job […]

Note from the President – January 2022

January 18, 2022 Diana Feng 0

What a Difference a Year Makes – and Making a Difference this Year A Year Ago – Technology Alberta, with the support of over 100 entrepreneurial tech companies, stepped up to help keep Alberta Talent in the province by providing over 100 young professionals part-time jobs that inspired them.  At […]

Note from the President – November

November 30, 2021 Diana Feng 0

Planning for 2022 – Attracting Local Talent November has continued to see companies aggressively hiring, with many employers asking what they can do to be even more attractive to local talent. In response, we have heard Job Seekers state that they are looking for: A Great Corporate Culture – Business with […]

Note from the President – October

October 29, 2021 Diana Feng 0

ELECTIONS OVER – FULL SPEED AHEAD After a year of municipal then federal elections behind us, it is great to see that we are united across the major cities, and with provincial and federal support – for Alberta to move FULL SPEED AHEAD in growing Alberta’s Tech Sector!  Over this time, Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech […]

Note from the President – September

September 28, 2021 Diana Feng 0

ACCELERATE, ACCELERATE, ACCELERATE, ACCELERATE!AN EXCITING FUTURE FOR ALBERTA’S TECH SECTOR The big news is clearly on the 4 newly announced accelerators – made possible by Alberta Innovates’ historic rallying of the Alberta’s Tech Community to put forward supported options that would be a great fit to help diversify the economy […]

Note from the President – August

August 18, 2021 Diana Feng 0

ELECTIONS OVER – FULL SPEED AHEAD After a year of municipal then federal elections behind us, it is great to see that we are united across the major cities, and with provincial and federal support – for Alberta to move FULL SPEED AHEAD in growing Alberta’s Tech Sector!  Over this time, Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech […]

Note from the President – July

July 21, 2021 Diana Feng 0

In this newsletter we are very pleased to profile: Companies through their Participation in the FIRST Jobs Program, where these 50 Alberta Companies are providing opportunities that will keep Alberta’s Talented Students in Alberta Companies through our regular ABTEC3000 feature– where again another 30 Alberta SME Tech Companies are actively hiring this month – and […]

Note from the President – June

June 1, 2021 Diana Feng 0

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS: THE GROWING INNOVATION ECONOMY – GROWING AND DIVERSIFYING ALBERTA’S ECONOMY In this newsletter – and as a grass-roots organization – we are pleased to share the many announcements of strong Alberta tech company hiring and investment, as well as government programs and overall tech sector growth. In […]