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ICE Event Series 7:
Innovation in Robotics

July 28, 2023

The ICE Event Series 7, held at K-Days in the Edmonton EXPO Centre, showcased the innovations of two Alberta-based robotics companies, Aro Robotic Systems and Sarcomere Dynamics. This gathering brought together local tech entrepreneurs, investors, job-seekers, researchers, and community builders for engaging panel discussions, and networking sessions. The event, co-hosted by ERIN and Technology Alberta, offered an inspiring look into the impactful work shaping the future of robotics.

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ICE Event Series 6:
Health, Innovation and Community in Action

June 27, 2023

The event featured NAITs’ cutting-edge healthcare simulation space, panel sessions, ERIN roundtable, and networking. Participants discovered how Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS) at NAIT supports health sector innovation and connected with ERIN for startup support. CAMS provided a realistic environment for technology testing and product development in customizable settings, from community care to hospitals.

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ICE Event Series 5:
Best Practices in Building Innovative Communities and Research Parks

May 29, 2023

Hear insights into innovation, community-building, and research park collaborations across Canada – drawing from mechanisms, systems, and best practices for building meaningful partnerships for greater impact.

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ICE Event Series 4:
See what is brewing up in St. Albert

April 18, 2023

This event offered an immersive exploration of technological entrepreneurship, highlighted by tours of the NABI and Wilson Analytical facilities, panel discussions featuring industry luminaries, and an extensive networking platform. This stimulating event was co-hosted by Technology Alberta, Rainforest YEG, NABI, and the City of St. Albert.

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ICE Event Series 3:
PI(e) Day

March 14, 2023

Revisit the ICE Events Series held on PI(e) Day, co-hosted by Technology Alberta and ERPBC. This event showcased companies such as Nanoprecise Sci Corp, Frontech, NanoSpeed Diagnostics Inc, and umay. Delve into the insights shared by these industry thought-leaders, and the exciting opportunities that unfolded in Alberta’s tech landscape.

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ICE Event Series 1:
RUNWITHIT Synthetics

January 17, 2023

The first installment of Technology Alberta’s Entrepreneur-led Epic Event Series, Co-Hosted with RWI Synthetics, took place at the 103ST Centre in Downtown Edmonton. RWI Synthetics shared with our audience their work in the Edmonton Region and worldwide, providing insight into the process and practice of ‘synthetic thinking’.